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Providing Dental Education

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Recent Dental Training Agenda

Hand In Hand has trained dentists in Artsahk and Armenia on important dental advancements including: 

  • New Insights into Pulp Therapy for Primary & Young Permanent Teeth

  • Toddler Behavior Guidance

  • Restorative treatment for the pediatric dentist

  • Local Anesthesia for children

  • Pediatric Dental Radiology

  • Behavior Management of the Pediatric Patient

  • Space Management for the Pediatric Patient

  • Preventive Dentistry for the Pediatric Population

  • Risk Assessment and the use of Silver diamine Fluoride in Dentistry

In addition to providing Dental services to villages throughout Artsakh, Hand In Hand's Board of Directors prepares and delivers several days of training and professional development to Hand In Hand employees as well as other Dentists in the region. 


These yearly programs ensure that the latest dental technologies and best practices are employed throughout the clinics and the mobile van.

Mobile clinic
Mobile clinic
Mobile clinic
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