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Hadrut Dental Clinic

Impact: The clinic provides dental service to 3,900 patients, which is almost 35% of the Hadrut population.

Clinic Opened:                       July 2003
Supported By:                        ACMAO and AMAQ
Staff:                                      2 dentists and 2 dental assistants


The Hadrut Clinic provides therapeutic, minor surgical and oral cavity disease prevention services.

Hadrut Dental Clinic

Hadrut is one of the extremely remote regions of Artsakh, and thus goodwill efforts in Hadrut are highly unexpected and inspiring.

A poster stating: “Hadrut people need not worry about their dental health care any longer” announced the new clinic.  To date the clinic has provided dental service to 3,900 patients, approximately 35% of the Hadrut region population.  Happily, routine dental care, which was completely foreign to these people is becoming a way of life.

The Hadrut Dental Clinic was started in July of 2003 by the Armenian Dentists Associations of Montreal, Toronto (ACMAO) and Lyons (UMAF) and has been sustained by the Hand in Hand organization.

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